Windward Islands

Windward Islands Yacht Charters

Also known as the Islands of Barlovento, Windward Islands presents the perfect luxury yacht charter
destination in the Caribbean for anyone looking for a peaceful, laid-back kind of vacation.

With stunning views, untouched sun-kissed beaches, and dramatic vistas, the Windward Islands has
more than 600 spectacular beaches for you to explore on your yacht charter. A majority of these islands
have secluded anchorages and beautiful palm-fringed beaches on the shoreline, along with many plush
tropical rainforests.

If you are a true nature enthusiast, you will find the Windward Islands perfectly according to your liking
with many opportunities for hiking across the jungle-clad waterfalls or zipping through the dense forest

One of the biggest highlights of the Windward Islands is Barbados, a spectacular island that has it all.
From brilliant turquoise bays to interiors dotted with lush gardens to powdery sands, this island truly
deserves a yacht charter vacation.

If you are looking to have that ideal vacation where you get to see majestic sights and also relax at the same time, Windward Islands certainly won’t disappoint you!