Us Virgin Islands

Known as one of the most exotic and picturesque cruising grounds, the US Virgin Islands truly calls for a private luxury yacht charter vacation.

A Caribbean crewed charter is the ideal way to explore these gorgeous islands surrounded by crystalline waters that are so serene and peaceful.

There are many factors that make the Virgin Islands a sailor's and a yachter's ultimate delight that include quiet and tranquil palm-fringed anchorages, pristine white beaches, and spectacular views along the way.

The US Virgin Islands are one of those year-round cruising destinations with excellent weather and beautiful views no matter what time of the year you go yachting to the islands. A luxury charter yacht adventure in the Caribbean is a great chance for you to discover and explore the three unique gems that include St Croix, St Thomas, and St John. These are the three main islands in the region, each of which has something different and amazing to offer to you.

For instance, St Thomas Island is all about buzzing nightlife and a vibrant form of entertainment, whereas St John brings you a whole other form of serenity and peace amid its unspoiled beauty and secluded location.

Needless to say, a yacht charter in the Virgin Islands will truly blow you away!

We Offer The Following Us Virgin Islands Trips: