Looking for a low-key but luxurious destination for your next yacht charter experience? Perhaps Rhode Island might appeal to you.

A State in New England, Rhode Island is known for its stunning white sandy beaches, quaint little towns, and coastal cities. The best way to explore this state is through a luxury yacht charter experience starting from Newport.

Newport is a massively popular yacht destination, and you'll find the harbor filled with yachts all year round. It is also where many sailing regattas take place as well.

On a yacht charter vacation in Rhode Island, you should definitely stick to the coastal city of Newport. There is something for everyone there, from strolling along the Cliff Walk to exploring the many lively pubs dotting the city. That's not all; if you are yacht enthusiasts, then you must also visit the Herreshoff Museum, where you will enjoy the history of classic sailing and yachts.

While you're there, you will probably never get bored since there is some form of entertainment all the time such as cultural events, live music performances, jazz and folk festivals, sailing events, and so much more. The coastal city is constantly buzzing with people, making it a lively place all year round.

From the food to the people and the overall ambiance of Newport, it's safe to say the State of Rhode Island will be the perfect retreat for your yacht charter experience with your friends, family, or partner!

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Vacation Spot: Newport, Rhode Island, United States