Chesapeake Bay

If tranquility is what you're seeking on your next yacht charter experience, then look no further than the peaceful Chesapeake Bay!

Stretching over 6 states: Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia, plus the District of Columbia, it is home to many famous writers and sailors who gush about this Bay endlessly. Besides the tranquility and stunning views, Chesapeake Bay also offers an intriguing history dating back to colonial and civil war times.

The Bay is dotted with several islands, villages, and towns that beg to be explored. Stopping at each of them may not be entirely possible in one trip, but you must explore at least some of them. Some of these places include the quaint waterfront fishing town of Rock Hall, where hiking, fishing, bird watching, and visiting the farmers market are a must.

A must-visit is the Baltimore Inner Harbor, where you can dock your yacht and step off to the pier, where you can find live music performances and festivals if you are lucky. Most of the people who visit Chesapeake Bay also pay a visit to the Chester River and Whitehall bay.

One of the most popular yachting centers where people on yacht charters stop by is at St. Michaels. Here, you can learn more about the history and visit the historic buildings on Mulberry street to get a taste of pre-civil war life.

Overall, Chesapeake Bay is the ideal yacht vacation spot for people who want to explore non-traditional yacht charter spots. Nevertheless, it will still be an unforgettable and ever so relaxing experience that will immerse you in nature, history, and tranquility!

Vacation Spot: Chesapeake Bay, United States