Turquoise Coast

With luminous blue waves and some of the most extraordinary beaches in the world, Turkey's Turquoise Coast is an absolutely stunning cruising ground for yacht charters.

Imagine cruising over crystal clear blue seas overlooked by lush green mountains and then finding yourself taking a stroll along a beautiful sandy beach after walking through historic, ancient ruins - sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

That's what the Turquoise Coast has to offer to its visitors, and so much more than that.

When cruising over this coast in Turkey, two of the must-visit places without question have to be Antalya and Fethiye.

Fethiye is such a great city that has a long harbor and is full of color, liveliness, cafes, restaurants, and impressive tombs such as the Lycian Rock Tombs that you should definitely visit. Antalya, as most already know, is the hub of stunning beaches and has long earned the reputation of being Turkey's most sought-after and frequently visited summer resort town.

A private luxury yacht charter to Turkey's Turquoise Coast will give you such an amazing opportunity to explore it to the fullest and if u get lucky, you might even stumble across some hidden gems that haven't been explored before!

Vacation Spot: Turquoise Coast, Turkey