A great jewel of the South Pacific, with natural beauty waiting to be explored and waters yet to be discovered. Tahiti is a luxurious South Pacific island that lies halfway between California and Australia.

One of the ideal ways to explore this island and its surrounding splendor is none other than a luxury yacht charter vacation where you will also get to capture its romance and beauty in real-time. Tahiti surely isn't your average vacation spot, but it's a true paradise surrounded by surging rivers, gushing waterfalls, ribbons of coral reefs and multiple layers of rainforests.

This French archipelago is home to numerous hidden gems of nature, including exotic animal life, winding trails, and massive lakes resting peacefully behind thick greenery and foliage.

A must-visit destination in Tahiti is none other than Plage Lafayette, a truly stunning beach in the northern part of the island that is surrounded by gigantic aggressive mountains from one side. These mountains open up and allow you to look out into an endless sea.

There's no surprise as to why Tahiti has long become such a popular hub for private yacht charters, and as your Tahiti yacht charter cruises across the untamed beauty of this majestic island, it will forever capture your heart.

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