Saint Martin

Located in the Caribbean Sea and a part of the Leeward Islands, Saint Martin is one of the most popular sailing destinations among people from all over the world. It offers the best of both worlds given how it's ruled by the Netherlands and France, thereby bringing you a mix of two different cultures at the same time.

Three of the must-visit islands on Saint Martin are St Barths, Anguilla, and Saba where you can expect to be welcomed by incredible natural beauty, amazing waterfront restaurants, sun-kissed beaches, clear blue waters, and just too many stunning sights to behold.

The island Saba in particular deserves a visit if you are a water-sports enthusiast because it is often described as a snorkeler's and a diver's paradise.

Did you know that Saint Martin is home to a total of thirty-seven white, powdery sand beaches with turquoise waters that will simply blow you away?

And what better way to explore the beaches than a private luxury yacht charter to Saint Martin and its surrounding islands!

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