Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the four seas named after color terms, which include the Yellow Sea, Black Sea and the White Sea. A yacht charter is the ideal way to explore some of the most stunning coastal treasures hiding away within the Red Sea.

The Red Sea offers unique and incredible opportunities for all yachters to experience be it cruising across Hurghada yachting haven or the Sharm El Sheik for a spectacular diving session.

The east coast of the sea in particular is like paradise on earth with its untouched and unexplored pristine wilderness. It offers the ultimate private escape that most of us need from the hustle and bustle of daily life where you will find an explosion of bays, islands, and coves.

One of the best things about the Red Sea as a yachting destination is that the east coast has literally no crowds and its reefs are largely untouched. The warm waters here are the perfect home to marine life and feature excellent visibility so gear yourself for little glimpses of heaven below right from your private yacht charter!

We Offer The Following Red Sea Trips: