A country that is slowly rising in popularity amongst tourists is undoubtedly Qatar, and the reason why is clear as day.

With a vast coastline, modern and luxurious feel, and the ideal blend of Arabian history and culture that spills into its food and lifestyle, there's no doubt that Qatar is one of the best destinations for a vacation, and especially for a yacht charter experience. The coastline is riddled with idyllic beaches that are perfect for unwinding and lounging.

The capital city of the country, Doha, is the perfect mix between culture and modernity. Here you can experience the quintessential Arabic culture while living in style by exploring world-renowned shopping malls and fine dining in their world-class restaurants. Sail in the steady and serene waters of the country onboard your luxurious yacht and soak in the sunshine that happens to be all year round.

In Qatar, there is a wide range of things to do. From visiting art galleries, marveling at the architecture, shopping, to so much more. If you want to learn more about Islamic history and Arabic culture, visit the famous Islamic Museum. Moreover, to immerse yourself in Qatari culture and taste authentic Arabic cuisine, then you must go to Katara, where you can even buy a wide range of souvenirs to take back. Besides that, kayaking, surfing, and sailing are all popular activities in the country.

A visit to Qatar is surely incomplete if you don't take a day trip to the desert. This experience will definitely be unlike any other, as you traverse through sandy roads and meet with the locals.

So, book a yacht charter to Qatar today for a unique mix of culture, adventure, relaxation, and incredible food!

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