This is the second-largest and highly exotic island in the Western Mediterranean. Sardinia is a popular vacation destination among yacht owners and yachting enthusiasts mainly owing to the 1,100 miles of rugged Mediterranean coastline that's always waiting to be explored.

This charming Italian island is home to vast untouched gems of nature, idyllic beaches, rich cultures, beautiful coastal towns and so much more.

The exquisite 55km coastline of Costa Smeralda in northern Sardinia is filled with white sandy beaches, which will be one of the many highlights of your yacht charter trip.

More than that, Sardinia has a timeless kind of atmosphere that literally feels out of time, making it an ideal place to unwind and relax while you cruise away on your private yacht charter.

One of Sardinia's biggest draws is its miles and miles of beaches with shimmering blue seas and massive granite boulders.

The island is also said to be a hiker's dream so if you are a true adventurous vacationer, you will find great many trail options such as the wild blue trail and blue miner's trail.

A private yacht charter to Sardinia is truly worth it and will stay with you for a long time!

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Vacation Spot: Sardinia, Italy