Known as the 'Island of Colors,' Milos is one of Greece's most beautiful treasures. If you have visited the country before, you know that it is nothing short of gorgeous. But this volcanic island of the country is just something else.

With mesmerizing shorelines, private beaches and bays, and fascinating rock formations, it's safe to say that there is no place like Milos. The sheer variety of things you will witness while chartering your yacht through the island will be unmatchable and unforgettable.

With as many as seventy beaches to visit and a myriad of other attractions, Milos is an island getaway that you will need to spend several weeks at to discover fully. Chartering a yacht there will help you explore places that are off-limits by foot or car, for example, the Milos Viper and the Kleftiko beach.

Not just that, but Mother Nature has truly blessed the island as you can visit places like Sarakiniko beach, which quite literally resembles the surface of the moon. Safe to say, you will find the best spots in Milos for your Instagram shots!

Milos holds a plethora of history dating back to the Neolithic period, and that can be noted from the various rock and volcanic formations. But that's not all; there are several other must-see places when on a yacht charter through Milos that you simply cannot miss, such as the Ancient Theater of Milos, Kimolos Island, Philakopi, Plaka, Arkudos Rocks, and so much more.

The coast of Milos is scattered with multiple hidden beaches and bays that you can only explore by sea. Just tie up and discover these forgotten and seldom explored corners of this ancient island.

Needless to say, whichever corner of the island you go to, you will have an unforgettable time, witness stunning views, and come across multiple photo ops!

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