New Caledonia

A French territory comprising of beautiful islands, New Caledonia has become to be one of the most ideal yachting spots in the southwest Pacific Ocean.

It is blessed with stunning coastlines, lush vegetation, vibrant scenic views, golden savannahs and so much more that make it such a yacht-worthy destination.

New Caledonia takes great pride in its huge coral reef system as well as the fact that it has the most amount of sheltered water than any other Pacific island. It truly is one of the most magical destinations in the whole world and is meant to be explored on a luxury private yacht charter.

It is best to begin your cruising journey from Nouméa, the province that is located on the southwest coast of the main island of Grande Terre. It is a buzzing cosmopolitan city featuring a colorful waterfront that is dotted with cafés, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

If you want to get the best and the most incredible views of the islands, visit the Amédée lighthouse. This metal lighthouse was built in the 1860s and is also the world's tallest lighthouse. It offers spectacular panoramic views of the island given its amazing height.

New Caledonia is home to many small islands like Lifou Island, Mouli Island, and Tiga Island, just to name a few. These stunning islands guarantee pristine sand beaches, breathtaking blue waters, and color-infused sunsets that will blow you away.

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Vacation Spot: New Caledonia, France