Cannes is a stunning Mediterranean hotspot that has quite a unique look and feel of opulence attached to it. The city is synonymous with luxury living, given it's often brimming with celebrities. This city presents the perfect Mediterranean retreat to anyone looking to take a break.

With fully-equipped yacht harbors, spectacular beaches, and a plethora of fine-dining restaurants, Cannes is your ideal go-to yachting destination for a quiet, peaceful, and serene yachting vacation.

If not anything else, Cannes Film Festival is reason enough to go on a private luxury yacht charter. Did you know this international film festival kick-starts the summer yachting season in this city where travelers from all over the world gather here in the Mediterranean?

Cannes is also the perfect starting point to explore the countryside of the south of France and its surrounding areas.

With an untouched love of the arts, ever refined culture, and exquisite tastes, a yachting vacation in Cannes will ultimately bring you the best of both worlds!

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Vacation Spot: Cannes, French Riviera, France