After Sicily, Sardinia, and Cyprus comes Corsica. It is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean and a popular holiday destination among travelers from all over the world.

This idyllic island, South East of mainland France is also famous for yachting and for all the right reasons, too. With its emerald tree-lined shores, huge mountainous landscapes, and sun-kissed picturesque backdrops, Corsica is truly a sight to behold.

The best and the most ideal time to go on a yacht charter to Corsica is the month of May until the starting few days of June. The air is filled with a pleasant fragrance, and everything is in full bloom during this time.

To make the most of your yachting trip on this island and explore its beauty and splendor in full, it is best to leave from Sardinia. This Italian island is like the perfect gateway to Corsica and is literally in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. As you sail towards Corsica, you will come across vast areas of untouched nature, elegant coastal towns, and stunning beaches.

Once you reach Corsica, head towards Cap Course, a long peninsula sitting on clear blue waters towards the island's northern end.

Calanques de Piana is the next must-visit spot, which is like a world heritage site waiting to dazzle you on Corsica's west coast.

A Corsica yacht charter is an absolute must-have experience that will truly blow you away and probably leave you craving for more!

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