This is a South Pacific archipelago of more than 300 exotic islands that boasts beautiful coral reefs with clear lagoons, rugged landscapes, and majestic beaches that are lined with palm trees.

Most Fijian islands are not open for tourism because of how remote they are, which presents the ultimate opportunity for adventure for yacht owners and charterers.

A Fiji yacht charter is indeed the most ideal way to explore this archipelago that offers such a beautiful mix of tropical surroundings, a creative fusion of cultures, and the much-needed thrill that most travelers seek, making it a wonderful yachting destination. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an adventure with friends, or a peaceful family vacation, Fiji caters to all types of trips.

Some of the most noticeable features and characteristics of this island country have to be its swaying palm trees, white sandy beaches, and clear blue waters.

One thing that has made Fiji such a desired yachting spot is how each island has a unique identity and brings its own distinctive attractions and cultures. The collection of as many as 300 islands create a literal boating mecca, many of which are waiting to be explored and cruised.

Some of the most-visited spots in Fiji are the Mamanuca Islands and Yasawa Islands that offer you a chance to visit Fijian villages and explore their way of life. You can further head north to the northern called Vanua Levu, where you are likely going to be lucky enough to witness a marine spectacle.

If you are looking to experience a memorable and adventurous charter vacation, Fiji should definitely be on your list because it offers a unique feel of paradise. More than that, the kind of serenity, natural beauty, and seclusion found here is almost unparalleled to anywhere else.

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