With spectacular beaches, clear waters, and a glorious coastline, it's no wonder why Croatia is one of the best yacht charter destinations in the world.

Located in Central and Southeast Europe, Croatia offers you an exotic yachting playground with a number of harbors, islands, and picturesque seaside villages to explore.

A yacht charter in Croatia is just the right way to explore its stunning Dalmatian Coast, which is home to a plethora of striking islands. You will also find walled fortress cities and quaint villages there that are surrounded by beautiful lavender fields and olive groves. The Adriatic coastline will further blow you away as it is nothing short of a breathtaking landscape. A tranquil, blue-green sea surrounds forested mountains and peaceful islands here which makes this whole place a truly must-visit sight.

Croatia has long been a hot destination for not only travel enthusiasts, but also charterers and yacht owners. A luxury charter yacht vacation offers a fantastic escape as you go over its crystal clear waters, pristine islands and coastal villages.

When yachting in Croatia, Split is the ideal place to start which is Croatia's second-largest city and has some of its most famous islands just a short cruise away such as the islands of Brac, Kor?ula and Hvar. This city and its surrounding areas both proudly boast some of Croatia's largest marinas that are home to most of the yachts.

The best time to go on a yacht trip in Croatia is September-October when the sea is warm and serene, the summer crowds have vanished, and the weather is just perfect.

With Croatia's unique beauty and what all it has to offer to you, you will find picture-worthy spots at every turn while on your yacht, giving you endless opportunities to capture the little details of this breathtaking region.

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