Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the popular Central American country, is the perfect representation of the saying, good things come in small packages!

It might be a small country, but it has so much to offer and is simply extraordinary in its truest sense.

This country is located in Central America, and it is peacefully nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is literally brimming with extensive stretches of beach, hidden gushing waterfalls, and thriving jungle life. The spectacular beauty and natural wonders of this country certainly call for a Costa Rican luxury yacht charter where you will find an ideal mix of adventure, radiating sun, beaches, warm weather, serene waters, and culture in its 51,000 square kilometers.

Costa Rica's strategic location between the sea and ocean is what makes it such a fantastic spot and location for yacht charterers. It is quite a literal haven for luxury yacht charter holidays featuring azure waters, picturesque landscapes, and dormant volcanoes.

Most beach getaways in Costa Rica are quite laidback and peaceful, with the exception of Playas del Coco, which is the perfect starting point for your luxury yacht charter vacation. It is the ultimate party destination, so if you wish to kick-start your cruise trip with a bang, this is the way to do it!

With a rich coast, fascinating biodiversity, exotic food, and picturesque views every step along the way, a Costa Rican yacht charter is going to be the highlight of all your vacation to this day!

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