There are a multitude of reasons why your next yacht charter experience should be through Vancouver Island.

Located on the west of British Columbia, Vancouver is a city and seaport that offers you the ideal mixture between solitude, relaxation, and vibrant city life. The art, music, and food scene in the city is continually thriving, which drives thousands of tourists from all over the world to it. Not to mention the abundance of lush forests and mountains that make the city look like it's right out of a postcard.

Vancouver is nothing short of perfect, and the best way to enjoy it is through chartering your yacht through Vancouver Island. This island is situated 80 miles west of the main city and is quite secluded compared to the city. This place is a popular surfing destination for thrill-seekers.

Individuals who are looking for a more relaxing time can opt to chill at the various lakes where they can even camp. Hiking up the lush forests and mountains is a must when you visit Vancouver Island and want to witness the stunning natural beauty.

Since the city is surrounded by mountains, there are multiple outdoor adventures you can indulge in. for example, mountain biking, skiing, and camping. But that's not all; Vancouver has grown into a stylish, diverse, and modern city. This is why you must not miss visiting the boutiques, galleries, museums, theaters, and much more there.

With so much to see and do in both Vancouver Island and the city, the best way to make the most out of your experience is by chartering your yacht there.

To witness impressive beauty, immerse yourself in diverse cultures, engage in thrill-seeking activities, and much more, book a private yacht charter through Vancouver!

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