Cooper Island

Previously known as Bergen Island, Cooper Island is a stunning, small island of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. It's the perfect spot for yacht charters to stop over and explore its ultimate beauty and scenic views.

While you are on your luxury charter yacht vacation, you must stop at Cooper Island Beach Club for either lunch or an overnight stay.

You also get to explore 12 acres of pristine and breathtaking nature reserve here on Cooper Island, where you will be able to spot giant land crabs, majestic seabirds, and ancient Bermuda cedar trees. The island is perfect for a picnic or a day trip, owing to its shallow-water beaches nature trails.

Once you are done with that, climb the wildlife observation tower, which will give you a chance to see a spectacular sweeping panorama of the island.

Towards the southwestern side of Cooper Island, you will come across a site that was mainly created for divers with breathtaking underwater scenery. It is also close to a reef wall that features some of the most vibrant colored corals.

If you've never been to Cooper Island, you might want to plan a yacht charter vacation here the next time you think about going on a trip!

Vacation Spot: Cooper Island, British Virgin Islands