British Virgin Islands

This British overseas territory is located towards the east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and is has been titled Nature's Little Secrets.

The British Virgin Islands are easily one of the best and most ideal sailing destinations in the Caribbean, and they call for a yacht charter trip!

With breezy winds and warm weather all year round, these islands are a paradise on earth featuring sunny skies, secluded bays, expansive landscape, and a number of hidden coves. Another reason why the British Virgin Islands warrant a luxury private yacht charter is the fact that these islands are exclusive and untouched as they don't have a direct air service from the North American mainland or the UK.

As soon as you enter the islands on your yacht, you will notice clear blue waters, pristine beaches, and endless opportunities to indulge in some of your favorite water activities and sports.

These islands are a yachter's true delight as they sprawl across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. What's amazing about the islands is they are very eco-conscious and are heavily focused on green energy, so you will actually be able to see and notice how clean and clear the air is in the British Virgin Islands.

From exotic, remote locations to a massive culinary scene to exciting water sports to unmatchable splendor, the British Virgin Islands have a little something to explore for every individual out there. And there's no better way to do that than on a private yacht cruising through the gorgeous islands!

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