The gorgeous islands of the Bahamas have long been one of the most popular destinations among travelers, owing to the country's beautiful weather, white sand beaches, historic spots, and more than 700 picturesque islands.

When it comes to tropical traveling, the Bahamas is an absolute staple, and as the saying goes,'it's better in the Bahamas!'

It lies southwest of Florida, peacefully resting within the Lucayan Archipelago, and is undoubtedly one of the most desirable destinations for charterers, yacht owners, and luxury charter yacht guests alike.

The Bahamas are one of those year-round travel spots with 700 islands and cays, each of which has its own unique personality and different activities to offer. While these islands are perfect for resort vacations and commercial cruise ships, a yacht charter is a whole other territory that allows you to explore the sleepy seaside settlements and hidden gems of the islands at a beautifully slow pace.

A Bahamas yacht charter trip should definitely kick-start with Nassau, the largest city of the Bahamas and also its capital. This bustling commercial center is home to the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, where the marina easily berths yachts that are up to 240 feet (73m) long. It is home to an array of natural harbors and stunning secluded beaches that have hundreds of miles of clear blue waters.

This tropical perfection provides yacht charter guests a chance to experience unparalleled escapism and breathtaking views of its sun-kissed pink sands.

With 100,000 square miles of ocean providing home to over 700 majestic islands, it can be quite tough to figure out where to go in the Bahamas. But, a great option is to head south to the Exumas, which is an archipelago of almost 365 spectacular islands, all scattered across a tranquil, clear blue sea.

Needless to say, a private yacht charter in the Bahamas is one of the must-have experiences ever!

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