Magical, fascinating, breathtaking - these are just a few of the many words that best describe Antigua, one of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean region.

It is yet another exquisite crowning jewel of the Caribbean, and a private luxury yacht charter will help you explore the ultimate beauty of it.

The shores of English and Falmouth Harbors in Antigua are brimming with history and are the best spots to begin your yacht charter journey on the island. Falmouth Harbor is a contemporary marina that presents the ideal starting point. From thereon, the island is your oyster, and you can go wherever you like, such as the Green Island, where the sparkling white sand beaches make the perfect spots for relaxation. You can also head over to Nonesuch Bay for some exciting and fun-filled watersports.

The English harbor, on the other hand, is where Antigua best flaunts its maritime heritage, given how it was once also the most important Caribbean military base for Great Britain.

Once you begin cruising through this gorgeous island with your yacht cutting through the beautiful blue waters, the natural beauty will leave you in great awe, giving you a chance to explore the fascinating intricacies of its shoreline.

A private yacht charter in Antigua provides the ideal opportunity for you to witness the turquoise waters of the island gushing against the white sands and rocky coves, making it a true paradise holiday for all the dreamers out there!

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