Sell A Yacht

We offer 3 choices for how to sell your boat:

Option #1. [Coming Soon] – Enhanced “For Sale By Owner” Listing – Save money by showing the boat to potential buyers yourself. We handle everything else, and instead of the usual 10% commission, we only charge 3%.  As an example, with a $100,000 boat, you would pay another broker $10,000. Our fee is $3,000 at the closing (nothing is due upfront). We are a boat marketer, not a boat brokerage, so are able to focus all our efforts on finding a buyer for your boat. 95% of our listings sell within the first few months.

This is very different than a traditional FSBO (“For Sale By Owner)” boat listing where you do it all yourself. We take care of the internet marketing (listing your boat on more than 40 boating marketplaces), legal agreements/contracts, boat transport (even to international buyers), escrow, and the closing. In addition, your boat will be featured on and the social media accounts, which is something brokers can’t offer.

The service we provide is not just about the lower commission though. A major benefit is that you get to deal with buyers your own way and not depend on a broker for telling them about your boat. Sometimes the best salesperson for your boat is you.

Option #2:  Traditional Brokerage – List through us and your boat will be featured for free on Based on the location and specifics of your boat, we will refer you to one of our partner boat brokerages.  The benefit of doing this through us instead of finding a broker on your own is that we also list your boat on You can’t get this if you go directly to any of these same brokers.

Option #3. [Coming Soon] – Quick Cash – If you need money right away (or don’t want to deal with the typical hassles of selling a boat), we have buyers waiting who can make you an instant offer and close in as little as 5 days. No wasting months arranging sea trials for buyers, no additional money spent on mooring fees and repairs, no more insurance bills, and no stress from dealing with difficult buyers.

 To get started, fill out the inquiry form below, and let us know which of our brokerage options interests you the most.