Florida Yacht Charters

Internationally known as the ‘sunshine state,’ Florida is so much more than Walt Disney and exhilarating theme parks. It’s also your next go-to yachting destination, considering how the state of Florida is home to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, two of the most vibrant and rich yachting hubs in the whole world, let alone in all of Florida!

These hubs are the ideal gateway for tourists and travelers to explore all the main Florida Keys along with what all they have to offer, earning itself the title of “Yachting Capital of the World.”

Featuring a melting pot of cultures and magnificent natural beauty, Florida is one of the most picturesque backdrops you need for your luxury yacht charter vacation.

When cruising through Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, West Palm Beach, and Miami are your go-to spots if you happen to be seeking plentiful marine life, secluded pristine beaches, and the most exquisite natural backdrops doused in the dazzling sunshine.

On Florida’s southern tip lies Everglades National Park, a region of tropical wetlands that is home to sawgrass marshes, coastal mangroves and hundreds of animal species living in the Pine Flatwoods. This park has unparalleled natural beauty, the kind that makes your eyes go round and your jaw drop with wonder.

You might have already been to Florida before, but a yacht charter is going to be a whole different experience, one that will make you want to cruise endlessly.