Yachts For Rent By Owner

Yachts For Rent

Anybody can go to a marina and rent a small boat, but that is not a relaxing, luxury vacation. The best way is instead to use “peer-to-peer” yacht rentals, which are part of the sharing economy like with Airbnb and Uber. To help pay their expenses, the yacht owner rents out the boat for the day whenever they are not using it. The listings, bookings, and rental payments are handled through a central website/app. A typical bareboat (no captain) rental will cost you around $400. Captained charters are more in the $2,000 price range, but keep in mind that can be split by 6-12 friends and family. Half-day rentals are also usually available.

Below we have listings of over 10,000 boats for rent by owner, categorized by state:

*** We Also Offer Weekly Luxury Yacht Rentals From Charter Companies ***