Become A Yacht Broker

Do you love boats? That is all the experience you need to be a boat broker for Work from home and make your own hours. If you are already in the marine industry (boat surveyor, repair shop, crew member, marina, etc.), keep that job and earn extra income with us. Using the power of the name, there is unlimited potential. offers many ways for you to make money in the boating business:

Opportunity #1:  Boat Broker – We are working with a successful boat brokerage (they sell 1,000 boats a year) that wants to open new locations.  Over the past 15 years, they have spent millions of dollars fine-tuning their sales, marketing, and support systems, but their geographic coverage is limited as they can only handle listings near where they have offices. To expand, they are looking for partners worldwide to be their local presence. You would get the listings from boat owners, take the photos, handle the showings and sea trials, and be the point of contact. The brokerage will handle everything else. They will set you up with a private label website, promote your listings on dozens of boating marketplaces, and handle all of the back-end work (legal contracts, escrow of funds, the closing, etc.). Depending on how much you are involved, you get 40%-60% of the commission (the industry standard commission is 10% of the sales price).    

On top of all of that, we give you something no other broker can offer, which is to have your listings appear on And if you want, to help add to your credibility and trust, you can call yourself a “ Broker” or “ Partner”.

Opportunity #2:  Boat Marketing – This is similar to being a broker, but the buyer contact the seller directly, and the seller does the showings and anything else local on their own. handles the rest (advertising their boat on more than 40 boating sites, featuring it on, the legal agreements, purchase money escrow, boat documentation, and the closing). The great thing is that you can offer this nationwide and it involves very little work on your end. The target markets are both the “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) crowd and sellers who want a cheaper brokerage commission. Instead of the regular 10%, the seller only pays us 3%. The results are even better than using a broker, as 95% of our listings sell within the first few months. Many owners will also appreciate not depending on a broker to tell the buyer about their boat.

Opportunity #3:  Boat Rentals –  Find boat owners who are interested in chartering out their boat to help cover their expenses. We have a deal in place with a peer-to-peer boat rental company (similar to and where you would get 25% of all rental income from the boat owners you sign up (it is free for the owner to get their boat listed). Their “boat for rent” listing would appear on both and also this other site we are working with, giving the boat owner double the exposure.

Opportunity #4:  Boat Buyers – We work with boat brokerages worldwide that will pay us a percentage of the sale for buyer leads (if the sale goes through). We will split this fee with you.

Opportunity #5:  Luxury Yacht Charters – For weekly charters, which generally cost $40,000+ (see our charter database), we get a 7.5% commission, which we will split with you. You don’t have to find somebody who wants one of those specific charters, they just need to be generally interested in a vacation like that, and our charter agent will follow up with them.

Opportunity #6:  Boat Loans – We work with a private marine lender that gives us a referral fee of 1/2% of the loan amount. We will split this with you.

Opportunity #7:  (Coming Soon) “Sleep Aboard” Rentals – Find boat owners willing to rent out their boat overnight for people to sleep in (like Airbnb). This is not a charter, as the boat never leaves the dock, and has become a popular alternative to a hotel or bed and breakfast.

Opportunity #8:  (Coming Soon) Electric Boat Conversions – We work with a company that will pay for leads (if the sale goes through) of boat owners looking to convert their boat from gas to electric. See our Electric Boats page for some general information on this topic.

 To get started, fill out the inquiry form below, and let us know your situation: