Theme Song

To commemorate the launch of, I wrote a theme song for the site.

Lyrics and melody by Eric Borgos, vocals by IntrovertDAME, music video by Eric Borgos and Eno Productions.



Boats they come
in all shapes and sizes
wealth and power
a yacht symbolizes

Ride them in bays
ride 'em in oceans
give the common people
jealous emotions

Wind in your hair
the smell of success
life on the water
without worry and stress

So go call your banker
lawyer or trust
we only live once
then all turn to dust

Ya Ya Yachts
Dot Com


Some rich folk buy islands
or fly into space
toilets of gold
and sports cars to race

but on journeys nautical
they're missing out
the sun and the seas, ya
that's what life's about

Caviar, wine
everything lux
no better way
to spend all your bucks

So make the champagne flow
turn the music loud
and party it up
with the billionaire crowd

Ya Ya
Buy a yacht
For your dad and mom