What To Pack For A Yacht Charter

Kudos to you, my friend, if you re one of the few people who have perfected the art of quick and stress-free trip packing. For those who haven t, excitement for a much-anticipated vacation soon fades once a bare piece of baggage stares back at you.

Fortunately, you ve decided to make the most of your vacation time. Packing for an adventurous island-hopping vacation is surprisingly simple when you have an excellently prepared checklist to guide you through the dreaded task. The tips below will help you prepare like a pro, whether it s your very first or the sixteenth time undocking for an amazing yacht charter trip.

Essentials to Pack for Yacht Vacation

The following is a list of your fundamental necessities, which you should never leave home without:

Documents for Travel

It may seem obvious, but it has occurred to the greatest of us, so do remember to bring:

  • Your travel documents
  • Proper identification documents
  • Any other travel papers you ll need throughout your journey

Having cash on hand when boating is important. This will cover everything from airport taxis to fast purchases at any beachfront gift store and ensure you are prepared if paying via your credit card is not possible.


Since it is so hot in tropical destinations like the Caribbean islands, you will spend much of your time onboard your own boat in a swimming suit. Swimwear with appropriate clothing over it is absolutely fine even when you go ashore – t-shirt, sundress, shorts, or tank tops. For maximum comfort, select items made of dry-fit cloth wherever feasible. If you intend to dine at one of the fine dining establishments, bring one or more clothes for going out, depending on your personalized cruise schedule.

Pack jackets, gloves, and other winter clothes if you re going on a cruise to a significantly colder area, such as Alaska. For simpler cabin storage, pack light and use soft-sided baggage or a medium to large-sized duffel bag.


Since you ll be walking about barefoot on board, some flip-flops or sandals are perfect for sliding on and off when you go ashore. If you plan on trekking, bring a pair of sneakers with you. For colder locations or trekking plans, sturdy, comfortable footwear are also a smart option.


As a general rule, it s best to leave the jewelry at home. Hats may be fashionable and provide sun protection, but keep the wind element and luggage “crushing” in mind when choosing a hat. A strap that can be adjusted is excellent.

Pack a good pair of sunglasses, ideally polarized, for better eye protection and viewing enjoyment. If you re prone to misplacing sunglasses, though, don t bring your most valuable pair. It is worthwhile to get a pair of sunglasses specifically for your charter trip.


Bring all of your personal belongings. Because the storage space in the bathroom is limited, we highly suggest bringing travel-sized toiletries or liquids. Larger goods, such as bug repellant and sunscreen, can be bought at your destination too. Additionally, you will be able to avoid having to check your baggage.

Dry Bags

It s a good idea to put small gadgets like cameras and mobile phones in dry bags before putting them in the backpack or beach tote before coming onshore.

Optional Objects to Pack for Your Yacht Vacation

While the following items aren t absolutely essential, it is still a good idea to take some of the following items to make your trip more enjoyable.

Playing Cards

The whole party may enjoy a normal deck of cards or a game of Cards Against Humanity. There will undoubtedly be plenty of laughter and good moments!

Cup Cooler

In the blazing heat, ice melts quickly. Furthermore, it is a precious and scarce charter resource. Your ice will stay frozen, and your drink will stay colder for longer in a stainless steel tumbler!


Show off your local pride or a favorite sports team by hoisting a flag to add a unique flair to your rental boat.


Install your own “hang out and chill” hammock to relax in throughout your relaxing Caribbean cruise trip.


What other option do you have for securing your ultra-relaxing hammock? Carabineers may also be used to secure different things while on the move.

Star Finder

Use a star finder to bring out the inner astrologer in you and enjoy stargazing nights from the comfort of your own little paradise.

Lanterns That Inflate

These inflatable solar-charged lanterns provide just the perfect amount of “mood lighting” ambience on the sea while you re in the middle of the sea, so kick back and relax.


A GoPro is easy to use and allows you to record every memorable holiday moment above and below the sea.


If you re prone to feeling “green” at sea, a chargeable Reliefband may help you feel better in minutes on the waves with no side effects.

Inflatable Rafts

Snorkeling equipment is often provided with the charter, and water toys like noodles, paddleboards, and kayaks may be rented upon arriving. An inflatable raft is a great bonus to have aboard. Once aboard, inflate it, attach it to the yacht s stern, grab your favorite boat drink, and relax while floating away from your worries!

What Should You NOT Pack for a Trip to the Caribbean?

Learning what to pack for a yacht charter is just as essential as learning what not to pack. Overpacking non-essential things such as:

  • Cookware and utensils
  • Use of a GPS and other navigational aids
  • First-aid kits (optional)
  • High-end or heritage jewelry
  • Towels, linens, and pillows

Pre-Cruise Preparation Tips

  1. Inspect The Boat s Condition

    It doesn t matter which yacht you are going on the cruise with; make sure the boat is in proper working order before setting sail. This comprehensive tour covers the rudder, engine, valves, rigging, safety equipment, through-hulls, and more, allowing you to sail in complete safety.

    Fill the fresh water and fuel tanks, as well as a jerrycan for the yacht s tender if it has an outboard engine, before leaving the dock; the readings must clearly show that they are full.

    Also, make sure the battery is completely charged and that the gas bottles have enough fuel.

  2. Onboard Safety Equipment

    Depending on the type of cruising you re planning, such as a coastal or offshore vacation, you ll need to adhere to safety regulations and have a list of equipment required by law on board.

    Set up netting on the lifelines if you are vacationing with kids on board, and bring life vests that are tailored to their size. A lifeline and harness attached to the boat are highly recommended if you plan to cruise alone or at night.

  3. The Temperature

    A holiday on a boat, like any other travel, should be properly planned out. If you intend to visit new locations during your trip, read the nautical manuals even more thoroughly.

    Check the maritime forecast online or ask the harbormaster, and bring local charts with you to map out your whole route ahead of time. Tides and current maps and any information from the Almanac or an updated coastline guide are also helpful.

    You ll also want to share your navigation plans with someone who will stay onshore, including stopovers, the destinations and the timeline of your stays

  4. Check on the Crew

    Make sure that everyone in the crew is in excellent health so that you can enjoy your vacation. Bring a new first-aid kit on board to respond to every potential injury such as cuts or burns, and make sure to bring sunscreen and other essentials for sunburns. At sea, the sun is dangerous, so it is best to avoid a sunstroke than to treat one.

    Whatever the circumstances, seasickness may strike without notice, necessitating the use of a bucket that can be readily obtained from shore. Avoid circumstances when you are tired, hungry, cold, or thirsty at all costs.

  5. Onboard Comfort

    Most yachts are renowned for their classic styling and spacious interiors. Multiple practical storage spaces are included inside the boats to make stashing and accessing your luggage and personal belongings in your staterooms a breeze.

    We recommend that you pack all of your personal belongings in soft-sided bags to save room after dumping them into the compartments onboard.

  6. On-Board Comfort

    There are numerous readily available storage spaces aboard where you can stock up on supplies. Ask every one of the crew members regarding their preferences before leaving the dock, and draw up a list of dishes ahead of time.

    You should not skip meals while at sea because you will be physically active all day and/or all night. You ll be exposed to the harsh sun and the sea salt that will dehydrate you. Make sure the whole crew has plenty of water, fresh vegetables and fruits, and foods with carbohydrates to keep up with their daily activities.

    Ask the harbormaster to see what local supply stores and food stores are available at each dock.

In Conclusion

Now that you know what to pack for a yacht charter, we hope that you enjoy your cruise vacation! Properly preparing for the vacation will reduce the risk of unsavory incidents and result in a successful, enjoyable trip.