Top Reasons To Consider A Vacation On A Yacht

Do you love the ocean, sunsets, secluded islands, luxury, privacy, freedom, and an endless supply of local delicacies on your vacations? Well, then you should opt for yacht charter holidays!

Even if you've never set foot aboard a boat or yacht, a yacht charter allows you to experience the wonders of the ocean and your travel destination in style. Moreover, you don't need to learn how to sail to enjoy a yacht holiday. After all, the yacht you book for your vacation will come with a captain (and a chef!) who will steer your vehicle wherever you want to go. A yacht vacation marries all the finest elements of holidays into one memorable experience.

So, if you love the idea of an oceanfront holiday as much as we do, read on to discover what makes yacht holidays so memorable!

Reasons to Enjoy Yacht Charter Holidays

Here are ten reasons why yacht charter holidays are the best type of holidays you can take with your loved ones:

  1. The Experience Is Truly Magical

    Yacht charter holidays offer a one-of-a-kind experience that you will remember for a lifetime. When renting a yacht, you will have the opportunity to drop anchor off an undeveloped, secluded isle with crystal-clear waters and fine sands, with no one in sight, except for you and your loved ones. You can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and sunrises, go for a swim, start a bonfire, and enjoy the sound of the waves lapping against your yacht. There's a beautiful sense of freedom and tranquility that you can experience on private yacht vacations, making it a must experience for all sea and island lovers.

  2. You Are In Charge

    Another wonderful reason to spend your holidays aboard a chartered yacht is that you have complete control over your itinerary. You will set the mood for your holiday and journey with complete assistance from the captain of your vessel. Unlike a cruise ship, you won't have to follow the itinerary of the company.

    You will have the freedom to go to shallow, remote, private bays and covers or explore yacht holiday hotspots, such as White Bay in the British Virgin Islands. Alternatively, you can enjoy a bit of both. It all depends on your and your loved ones' plans and whims. Moreover, depending on the length of your rental agreement, you can stay at one place however long you want and explore as many places as you want.

  3. No Hassle of Mass Tourism

    Charting yacht vacation rentals enables you to have exclusive access to all the remote islands and out-of-the-way gulfs you want to visit while escaping the less-than-relaxing atmosphere of mass tourism and the humdrum of big cruise ships and chain hotels. You also get to avoid the tourist crowds to have a relaxing time.

    Additionally, when charting a yacht for your holiday, you don't have to worry about being left behind by your cruise ship as it leaves for the next island. It's especially useful for people who want to travel with their kids and explore all water sports and fun activities before sailing away.

    So, bid adieu to the world of traffic jams, repeated packing and unpacking, check-ins and check-outs, and the gut-wrenching feeling of leaving a heavenly island when all you want to do is take all its beauty in peacefully for the next few hours or days. With your rented yacht, you can visit national parks, explore private coves, snorkel in the shallow water, and discover beautiful hidden gems in the ocean at your convenience and schedule.

  4. Free Sailing Lessons

    If you are interested in sailing, a memorable yacht holiday is all you need to satisfy your interest. It's because when you rent a yacht, your captain may allow you to steer the vessel from time to time. However, if you plan to take ailing lessons from the captain, make sure to note that in your trip preferences, and rent a yacht whose captain will be willing to entertain your requests.

    Moreover, you can also ask as many questions as you want regarding jibing, tacking, and sailing in general. It's a wonderful activity for kids as well. They will benefit from a casual sailing lesson, which will surely result in a memorable holiday for them. But remember that these lessons don't come with certifications and are just for fun.

  5. Impressive Customized Service

    Yacht charter holidays are incredibly luxurious and offer customized services. Depending on your budget, you can have a dedicated, professional crew attending to your every need. You have a reliable captain, engineer, first mate, stewardess, chef, housekeeper, and deckhand managing every feature of the yacht and making your holiday as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

    All of these people managing different aspects of your holiday is exceptionally helpful when you're traveling with infants or kids. Instead of making your holiday stressful and stretching you out thin, these people will take care of your multiple needs to ensure that you can have a fun, fulfilling time with your kids.

  6. The Benefit of Local Expertise

    When you take some time off from work and go on a holiday, you want to have the time of your life. Ideally, you want to plan a holiday where you can have some much-needed fun and ample time to relax. Moreover, you want to ensure that your money is well spent. Renting yacht vacation rentals for your holiday will ensure all of that and offer you a lot more.

    When you book a yacht charter, you will have the assurance that the staff serving you, including the captain and chef, are the best in the business and have extensive knowledge about the destinations you plan to visit. You can expect nothing but the best from your captain, who will steer you to local destinations worth visiting. They will take you to the finest, most gorgeous islands and plan your itinerary keeping your wishes in mind while ensuring you have the best local experience.

  7. Your Magical Floating Villa

    When you're planning a private yacht vacation, you have the luxury of choosing the vessel you want to travel in with your loved ones. You get to decide who you want to travel with and what amenities you want. Depending on your budget, you can choose roomy staterooms with private en-suite facilities and an expansive saloon with a sofa, dining table, and the required media and entertainment facilities.

    You can also arrange for the right music, karaoke, food, water sports, and more amenities. Moreover, you can choose a yacht with a spacious deck and foyer, where all your loved ones can relax and have their own space. Essentially, you will have access to everything that you want in one place to make your holidays as wonderful as possible.

  8. A Unique Culinary Experience

    Charting a yacht for your holiday comes with the luxury of having access to a professional master chef who will cook everything you want them to. It's certainly an experience of a lifetime for all foodies. You get the opportunity to set your daily menus and request your favorite dishes.

    You will experience one-of-a-kind dining at sea under the twinkling stars in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, you can talk to your chef and make sure that they add the local cuisine to your menu. You can also ask them to teach you how to cook authentic local recipes or food you've always wanted to learn how to cook.

  9. An Affordable Luxury

    Contrary to popular opinion, yacht vacation rentals aren't too costly, especially when you consider all the amenities you get with them. Since the number of yacht lovers is growing worldwide and there is a continuous supply of different charter yachts, you can easily find yacht charters within your budget.

    Plus, yachts come equipped with water toys, a bar, a lounge for cocktail hours, a nice, shady spot, and even a Jacuzzi. If you book the off-season, you can save a lot. Plus, make sure to do thorough research, and you will easily find a yacht that fits your budget while covering your needs and wishes.

  10. A Shared Sense of Togetherness

    Lastly, perhaps the best part about chartering a yacht for a holiday is that it allows you to have some much-needed private time with your loved ones, such as your kids, best friends, parents, or your partner. They are the perfect recipe for family togetherness and can help you make fantastic memories with the people you love.

    When you're enjoying the expansiveness of the universe in the middle of the sea with your favorite people, you tend to forget all about the daily struggles of life and enjoy some quality time with them. Depending on who you go with, you can enjoy watersports, swim with the dolphins, watch a movie under the stars, enjoy donut rides, or simply enjoy a beautiful sunset at the deck.

The Bottom Line

When you charter a yacht for your holiday, you get to experience the world a little differently with the people you love. You don't have to rush through each holiday vacation and enjoy all sorts of water sports and the expansiveness of the ocean with your family or friends. You get to experience a relaxing holiday, away from other tourists, the way you want.

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