The Top 10 Yachting Destinations

Picture this: the sun is beating down on you as a fresh breeze ruffles your hair. You lean back and enjoy the gentle rocking motion of your yacht in one of the world's most beautiful sailing destinations. Doesn't that sound amazing?

You can have that experience and more when you know where to go. After all, you didn't buy your yacht to take it on a local trip once a year. Be adventurous and get out there! Enjoy the experience of sailing around the world.

To help you plan your next dream yachting trip, here are the top ten yachting destinations. Visit these to find the beauty, relaxation, and fun you've been craving.

  1. The French Riviera, France

    If you're looking for some beautiful buildings and are an architecture fan, the French Riviera has gorgeous towns lining its coast. The bright colors and bustling life complement its subtle vintage feel.

    If you're feeling adventurous, you can even make your way to the beautiful, natural health retreat nearby: Monaco. You can also stop by the coast for one of its many lively festivals throughout the year.

    If you want to avoid the rainy weather, you should sail here from late spring to early fall.

  2. Norwegian Fjords

    If you want to travel through a breath-taking natural landscape, you should consider the Norwegian Fjords. This area, formed by glaciers, is full of peaceful blue and green waters. You can also view the quaint, rustic villages nearby and stop in for lunch.

    If you're wanting sunshine, June through August is the best time to travel here. If you're wanting to catch a glimpse of the Northern lights, you should sail here between October and March.

  3. The Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    The Dalmatian Coast is speckled with stretching, sandy beaches and dotted with islands just waiting to be explored. Get out and swim, or enjoy the carved rock cliff sides decorated with lush greenery.

    Get the best of both worlds with nature on all sides and ancient architecture abutting the shore. If you want to enjoy the experience without the crowds, plan your trip here in May, September, or October, to avoid the tourist season but still have warmer weather.

  4. The Greek Coastline and Islands

    Between the Sporades islands, off the east coast, and sailing near the beauty of Santorini, there's lots to love about Greece! The lush, green plant life and hidden coves on the islands lend their beauty and provide a sense of adventure as you travel through the many islands.

    When closer to the mainland, you can see the picturesque cliffside with restaurants and buildings rising out of it. Like Croatia, you should plan to visit in May, September, or October to avoid the crowds.

  5. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

    Sail the shores of Italy and experience a historical, architectural wonder. Mountains and cliffs stretch over blue waters, spread with greenery and buildings old and new. Stop by one of the many small towns to enjoy the atmosphere and food, or swim at one of its beaches.

    Walk the cobbled streets and smell the sea air while enjoying a glass of wine or a short shopping spree. The best time to visit is in Spring and Fall, as the temperatures will be more moderate and the crowds will be gone.

  6. Alor Archipelago, Indonesia

    This gorgeous group of islands has it all: marine life, natural, untouched beauty, and warm, sunny weather. Indonesia has about 17,500 islands to explore, and these are some of the best. You can go diving and see the ocean life up close, including coral reefs.

    There are hiking spots and locations where you can watch exotic animals from a distance. To avoid the currents and rain, the best time to visit is from April to August.

  7. The Maldives

    The Maldives has been known for its stunning geography for a long time. Made of 1,100 islands, it covers a wide expanse of the Indian Ocean and offers recreation along with its relaxing scenery.

    You can watch dolphins playing and jumping out of the water or dive down deep to see ocean life, including sharks and whales. Additionally, jet skiing and other water activities are allowed here, on the beautiful sea in the sunshine. It's best to visit during the dry season, between November and April.

  8. The Galapagos Islands

    If you're interested in biodiversity and a stunning, South American getaway, the Galapagos Islands are a great destination for your next yachting trip. Get up close and personal with amazing animal life such as sea lions and giant tortoises.

    The hot, rainy season that starts in December can be the best time to break out your yacht, as the ocean is the smoothest for sailing. Starting in January, there are fewer tourists, and you'll have the place to yourself! Enjoy snorkeling, diving, hiking, kayaking, or surfing in one of the most amazing natural locations in the world.

  9. The Antarctic Gateway

    If you are a more adventurous sailor, you may want to visit the Antarctic Gateway, where the rough Drake passage takes skill to navigate even on a good day. Once you get past the rough passage, where cold and warm water meet and rough winds have beat against many boats, you'll see the natural glacial beauty of the Antarctic.

    As you pass by Chile and Argentina on your way there, however, you'll see natural ice formations and national parks, scenic mountains against the cold waters, and many small port towns where you can stop and refuel with some delicious South American cuisine. February is one of the warmest months for this area, and you can still see some whales in March.

  10. Queensland, Australia

    Queensland, Australia may not be the first place you think of to go yachting, but it's one of the most rewarding. From Moreton Bay, a popular spot for diving and swimming, to Whitsundays, which includes the well-known Hamilton Island, there are endless places to explore and recreate in the warmth of Australia's southern coast.

    It's also home to the Great Sandy Strait, a picturesque destination with clear water that allows you to see the wildlife, including whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and dugongs, a manatee-like animal. The best time to visit this area is January through March for the warmest weather and the calmest ocean.


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Be sure to get tips from locals before you go! You want to know all the most beautiful and fun spots to visit, and locals often know about things the tour guides won't tell you.