Sleep Afloats - Dockside Boat Rentals

Instead of going to a hotel or Airbnb for your next vacation, sleep aboard a yacht or houseboat. Relax on the water, enjoy the oceanfront views, and get away from it all. This is not charter tour where you go sightseeing; the boat stays on the dock the whole time. Known as “Boat Bed and Breakfasts”, “Sleep Afloats”, “Houseboat Rentals”, “Boat BnBs”, and “Sleep Aboards”, some available rentals include:

SleepAfloat (Boston and Philadelphia)
Bed and Breakfast Afloat (Boston)
Boatbnb (San Diego, CA)
Bedsonboard (Mostly in England but has some US listings)
Sleep Aboard (Rhode Island and Boston)
Yacht Suites (Redwood City, CA)
Dockside Boat & Bed (Long Beach, CA)
Boatel On The Water (CA)
Airbnb (Worldwide) (Worldwide)
American Houseboat Rentals (On 30 lakes nationwide)