Should I Use A Yacht Broker?

Boat brokers usually charge a 10% commission. The question is, should you pay this fee, or sell it yourself?

Unlike with real estate, where most houses are sold via the MLS system, there is no one central listing site for boats. Buyers find boats through all types of methods. You can do a “For Sale By Owner” listing, where you post your listing on as many sites as you can, but it will cost you hundreds of dollars and take a lot of time and effort. Brokers pay a fixed monthly fee to each site and then can add an unlimited number of listings, many times using an automated system, so it is easy for them to promote your boat on all of the top boating marketplaces.

For listings on, I have tried advertising yachts for sale on these types of sites, and currently pay over $500/month to do this, but I have not found the response to be that great. For lower-priced boats though, people tell me Craigslist and Facebook marketplace generates a lot of buyers.

One advantage a broker has is they can get your boat listed in, which is the biggest site for this sort of thing and is for brokers only. A broker can also co-broke your listing, which means other brokers throughout the country will also try to find a buyer for your boat.

The biggest advantage of a broker is that they can market your boat both nationally and locally. Their brokerage already is getting new potential buyers every day looking for a boat like yours. They also can promote it in the same geographic area where your boat is located, and help the buyer through the sale process so everything goes smoothly.

If you are not in a rush and have the time to deal with it, it is worth trying to sell your boat on your own. But for the typical seller, I would recommend using a broker, as that way it has a much higher chance of getting sold.