How Yacht Charters Work

Q. How is a yacht charter different than a yacht rental?

A. They are similar, but a charter comes with a captain and crew to plan everything for you and cater to your every need. Kind of like being on a private cruise ship.

Q. Why use a charter broker?

A. Yacht rentals and sale work like real estate, where the owner pays the brokerage fee. It costs nothing extra for you to use a charter broker. You get their many years of industry expertise for free, to help guide you and make your boating trip the best vacation possible. They act as your concierge, finding the best destination and perfect yacht for you, answering your questions, and handling all of the legal/tax/permit/regulation/logistics issues. All vacations are handled in partnership with Oceanscape Yachts, which has been providing yacht charters since 2013.

Q. How much does a yacht charter cost?

A. The price usually works out to $5,000-$10,000 per person, which is the base price plus 55%-65% for a provision allowance which covers food and beverages, tipping the crew, fuel, customs, docking, marina fees, and other similar expenses.

Q. How do meals on the boat work?

A. The yacht will have a personal chef, and you give them a list of your likes, dislikes, and food allergies. You can even customize things, like by catching your own fish and having the chef cook it, or have a picnic on a private secluded beach.

Q. How is payment handled?

A. 30% is due when you book the trip, the balance is due 30 days before you leave.

Q. What recreational equipment does the boat have?

A. Most yachts come with fishing and snorkeling gear. Some also come with jet skis, paddleboards, and tenders (small boats).