Guide To Long Term Yacht Charter In The Carribean

Have you ever been on vacation and wished you could stay there for longer and not come home?

With a long-term yacht charter, you can do exactly that. And what better place to spend a couple of weeks at than the Caribbean?

The calm, serene, and sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean make for the perfect getaway on a yacht charter. Take your vacation to the next level by renting a yacht for a few weeks, cruising along these waters, and island hopping in the Caribbean. There is perhaps no other better vacation than this one. Live the dream by escaping your daily worries and catching a yacht in the majestic islands of the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is the best island yacht charter destination in the world since it holds nearly 700 islands. Of course, on a long-term yacht charter vacation, you will not be able to explore all these islands, but you will explore plenty that will leave you with an incredible time and indelible memories.

Whether you are vacationing with friends or family, a Caribbean yacht charter is a perfect haven for relaxation and adventure. This is why we have compiled this thorough guide that tells you everything you need to know about planning a long-term Caribbean yacht charter vacation.

Why Plan a Trip to the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is the second most popular destination for luxury yacht charters, and we know exactly why. It is perhaps the best place to charter your yacht, whether on your own or with a crew. With its sparkling waters, warm glow of sunsets, best drinks, delicious cuisine, and a plethora of culture, there are so many reasons to visit this incredible place. No other island destination in the world offers as many advantages as The Caribbean does.

The Caribbean is filled with powder white pristine beaches and flora and fauna that hold a plethora of exotic birds, butterflies, and wildlife. Here, you can also discover outstanding diving spots that are perfect for snorkeling and swimming with the fish. Moreover, the culture of the Caribbean is also unlike any other because it is a vibrant mix of French, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish heritage. This not only results in absolutely delicious cuisine but also fantastic nightlife.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, some solitude, thrilling adventure, or simply a fun time with friends and family, The Caribbean has it all.

Where to Go in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is huge, and you have nearly 700 islands to choose from, which can get quite confusing. Typically, the Caribbean can be split into two main areas; the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. You can choose to island hope and travel within either of these. The Greater Antilles is comprised of popular destinations like the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Cuba, whereas the Lesser Antilles is home to famous destinations such as The British Virgin Islands, Barbuda, and Antigua.

If you are torn between where to go or simply to wonder what the best destinations for a long term yacht charter in the Caribbean are, here is a list of our top picks:

  1. Antigua

    If you are looking for some solitude and privacy, the ideal place for you to go to in the Caribbean is Antigua. With powdery white beaches, stunning coral reefs, and a myriad of beautiful bays, you can expect to have a relaxing time there. Besides lounging at the bays and beaches, some of the best activities are snorkeling in the sparkling blue waters here.

  2. Barbados

    Barbados was under British rule till 1966, which is why you can expect to see an eclectic mix of British, Caribbean, and African culture here in the form of their cuisine and entertainment. Barbados offers its tourists a host of the best diving spots and beaches in the entire region. You can also explore the colonial town of Bridgetown or visit the mangrove forests to see exotic wildlife.

  3. The British Virgin Islands

    If you are considering a long-term bareboat yacht charter experience in the Caribbean, we recommend going to the British Virgin Islands. Here, the water and winds are comparatively calmer and reliable. In fact, BVIs are often regarded as the best place for your first bareboat yacht charter because of their well-established sailing infrastructure and variety of yachts to choose from. They are also great for island hopping as you can visit Norman Island, Peter Island, Jost Van Dyke, and Anegada, to name a few.

  4. Dominica

    If you want to be blown away by stunning natural reserves, forests, and greenery, consider visiting Dominica. You will likely never get bored of its nature, free-flowing waterfalls, untouched forest, and stunning flora and fauna. Dominica is not just the youngest island in the Caribbean but also considered the "Nature Island." Besides being a natural haven, it is also ideal for adrenaline junkies because you can hike, trek, cycle, and raft.

  5. Grenada

    An island filled with mountains and rolling hills, Grenada is certainly one of the most picturesque islands in the Caribbean. It includes stunning waterfalls, beaches, bays, and mountain lakes. But that's not all; it is also host to fragrant spice trees and exotic plants and flowers. Grenada is also touted as one of the friendliest places in the region, which makes it an ideal destination on a long-term yacht charter.

  6. Martinique

    Often regarded as the 'little bit of France in the Caribbean' is the ideal destination for a long-term yacht charter for those who enjoy French cuisine and culture. It is also great for bareboat yacht charters because of the excellent sailing infrastructure and plenty of yachts to choose from. You can hop from one island to the other or explore one end of the Martinique region to the other, exploring the many wonders offered by the island.

  7. St Lucia

    This is certainly an adventure and thrill-seekers haven because it is filled with one of the best diving spots, rainforests, and the world's only drive-in volcanic crater. There are simply tons to explore on this wonderful island. The small and lush tropical gem is predominantly unknown, which means that you can enjoy privacy and solitude without having to worry about other tourists. With incredible natural reserves, a volcano, beach, colorful birds, and rainforests, what more could you ask for on your long-term yacht charter?

How to Plan a Long Term Caribbean Yacht Charter

Now that you have learned about the most popular destinations in the Caribbean region, it's time to discuss you can plan a long-term yacht charter there. Long-term yacht charters typically including renting and staying in a yacht for a couple of weeks or months. People tend to stay on the island while sailing the yacht to travel from one destination or the other. Others tend to rent larger yachts to stay in.

Moreover, you will also need to choose whether to get a bareboat, skippered, or crew yacht charter. A Bareboat involves no crew member, so you need to sail the yacht and look after it yourself. With a skippered yacht charter, you can explore the Caribbean with a local skipper who sails the boat for you and gives you guidance on where to go and how to plan your routes. Lastly, a crew yacht charter involves a captain, skipper, hostess, and chef who take care of all of your needs, so you have nothing to worry about.

The Caribbean is filled with sunshine all year round, and the daily temperature is primarily warm, so you don't have to worry about when to go. Most people tend to travel to the region during the driest seasons between December and April. The region is filled with tourists during Christmas and New Year time. Whenever you go, we recommend that you make all the necessary bookings well in advance.

The main Caribbean sailing season thus runs through November till July. The summer months are much warmer with sunshine but comparatively less crowded. If you plan to visit Cuba or the Bahamas, you must ensure that you are not traveling during the hurricane season. The rest of the destinations in this region are rarely ever hit with hurricanes.

The next step in planning your long-term Caribbean stay is to plan all the routes. You will need to take a flight to the region. After this, you can go to the yacht you have rented and start your vacation there. You will need to plan your route with a crew member or with the company you rent your yacht from to help you figure out what the best possible route around your destination is.

Lastly, plan your itinerary in advance before commencing your vacation. This will save you the hassle of deciding what to do later on. Since you will likely go for a longer time, you can easily make a list of a few spots you want to see and activities you want to do and then follow it over the course of your stay.

Final Words

A long-term yacht charter to the Caribbean requires plentiful planning beforehand. Nonetheless, you will have a splendid time as you get acclimated to the region, explore the best and most stunning spots, and relax under the golden sun. Wherever in the Caribbean you go, you will likely be mesmerized by its beauty and the friendly locals. Don't forget to make your bookings and plan your itinerary before you leave.