Fractional Yacht Ownership

Similar to my recent post about Boat Clubs, where members share a fleet of boats, fractional yacht ownership allows you to you share one specific boat with other owners. It is very much like how a timeshare works in real estate.

One of the main benefits of yacht sharing is that, like with a boat club, everything is handled for you. You don't need to pay for marina fees or insurance, and you don't do any maintenance. It is like renting a car, you just show up and drive.

Some companies, such as SailTime, let you choose to be either a "Member" or an "Owner". As a Member, you get to share usage of a specific sailboat for a monthly fee. As an Owner, have a partial share of the yacht, and the company will manage it for you by renting it out for charters, giving you a return on your investment and allowing you also to use the boat yourself.

Some other yacht co-ownership companies include:

Sunsail (also see The Moorings which is related)
Dream Yacht Charter
Boat Equity
Monocle Yachts
AV Yachts
Smart Yacht
FlexiSail (UK)
Pure Latitude (UK)
Fairview Sailing (UK)
Virgin Charter Yachts
MIY Yacht
Azure Ultra
Owner Time Charters
One 4 Yacht

Also, these 2 luxury yacht charter companies do not offer fractional ownership, but do have membership programs: Yachtlife and Oceanscape Yachts.